rental excess insurance

4 reasons car rental excess insurance is worth it

If you’re hiring a car, you may be asked if you want to purchase car rental excess insurance. It can be expensive, but there are some good reasons to take out this insurance. Here are four reasons why car rental…

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GPS tracker on a motorcycle

Where would you hide a GPS tracker on a motorcycle?

If you’re looking to hide a tracker motorcycle on a motorcycle, there are a few places you can choose from. You can either attach it to the underside of the bike, or place it in one of the many nooks…

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How to Experience the Best Wineries in Burgundy?

When relaxing or after an excellent meal, wine is an alcoholic drink that most people take to wash all the food down. Where do you find the best wine? To find the best wine, you must go on wine tours…

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wear a hoodie

How are you supposed to wear a hoodie?

A humble hoodie may not be the most fashionable outfit in your closet, but it’s certainly among the most practical and comfortable outfits. Therefore, the loose-fitting, warm garment is a modern fashion item everyone should have in their wardrobes. Hoodies…

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Dominican Republic

The official travel guide to the Dominican Republic

If you’re Dominican Republic travel for the first time, knowing a bit about the culture and traditions can give you the confidence to go out and meet the people, find your way around, eat from the menu, explore and bargain….

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Iran: Women and girls treated as second class citizens

Girls and women in Iran are still facing second class discrimination instead of appreciating them. Even after the struggles women went through in conquering all chambers that were used in torturing, actively taking part in protests and revolution that led…

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Impressionist Art Gallery

Buy french modern masters paintings online

French modern paintings have gradually developed with time. The modern French images create a feeling of flooding light that resonates with many viewers. Any French art lover can view and buy modern master’s paintings for sale online at at…

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Jean Claude Navaro

Find out the best works of Jean Claude Navaro for sale online

Born in 1943 in France, Jean-Claude Novaro made a name for himself as a pioneer glassmaker of the twentieth century. His vases, bottles, and lamps made use of shapes inspired by Art Deco to come up with twirling, colourful forms….

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international divorce lawyer

Find an international divorce lawyer in Paris

After you have decided to file an international divorce, navigating through the legal nuisance of international family law can be challenging. You need to find an international lawyer who is competent and will act o your behalf in a professional…

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The overthrow of tyranny in Iran

The overthrow of tyranny in Iran

The fall of the last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza, after the Islamic revolution of 1979 ushered the inception of a religion-based government. This mode of governance is referred to as Velayat-e faqih and entails the Islamisation of the State. Though…

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