meeting rooms

Renting meeting rooms and atypical places: how to proceed?

There are sensitive matters that need to be discussed, it could be political, social or business related. Discussions need a location to openly talk about the agendas of their meeting. What do you look for in meeting rooms? How do…

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commerce electronique

Enrichment of the presentation of the product offer for e-commerce

Various organisations strive to achieve enrichment of a product. E commerce companies have prioritised product enrichment to be able to drive more sales and establish themselves in the market. Enrichment makes something more meaningful and rewarding. It helps improve the…

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How to create a successful company?

Company creation is not an easy task. When people start their companies, they start realizing that making money is not easy as they thought it would be. You can avoid this hassle in your business venture by coming up with…

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digital marketing strategies

The best digital marketing strategies for businesses

Digital marketing is essential for every business, especially in today’s digital-fast world. Working with an expert marketing agency ensures that you have the right marketing tactics to implement your strategies. Having the right marketing strategies is one thing, but what determines…

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E-commerce growth

The difference between generic searches and long-tail. Generic keywords  are the most common keywords within a niche, because the search volume is higher and thus the competition. Because keywords are broad become the accuracy, relevance and conversion rate lower. This is…

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Building Committee

We hold work days through out the year to fix, repair, or to build new. We have established a Building Committee to oversee and implement various building projects for the Post. The Post Members voted in this new committee. We…

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