The benefits of avocado for the skin and hair

It is well known that nature is full of miracle ingredients for our beauty routine. Today, we're interested in the benefits of avocado, which could well become your BFF of the moment. Proof by three!

A moisturizing and nourishing treatment

Gorged with vitamins (A, B6, C and E) and fatty acids, it seduces many cosmetic brands. We think in particular of Kiehl's, which developed an eye contour and an avocado mask, whose texture resembles in every way a guacamole!

But no question of devouring it with tortillas! Instead, we spread it on our face and leave it on for 15 minutes. When it comes into contact with water, the granular texture becomes milky, and leaves our skin ultra soft.

You can also concoct your own homemade recipe with an avocado, a lemon and an egg: chop the avocado, pour a tablespoon of lemon juice and the egg white. Mix and apply to the entire face with a brush. In addition to removing impurities, this DIY treatment gives our skin a glow. And in times of confinement, we really need it!

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A powerful anti-aging agent

Did you know that the flesh of this fruit has a slight action on collagen production? So for a pulpy effect on your skin, do a double take: eat avocado and apply it to your face, pure (a mask to be done 2 to 3 times a week) or in the form of oil, in a one-month cure. If you have very dry skin, choose avocado butter, which is very generous. Highly concentrated in lipids, potassium and minerals, it effectively combats skin aging.

A hair growth stimulator

There's nothing like biotin, or vitamin B7, to give your hair a boost. Yippee, our super ingredient is full of it! Apply a dab of avocado oil from roots to ends. In addition to stimulating growth, it nourishes damaged hair and soothes irritated scalps. Blond women should not use it: your polar blond hair could turn to green grass...

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