Is there a way to encourage facial hair growth?

encourage beard growth

Yes! There is a way to encourage beard growth. It doesn’t take a study to know beards are everywhere. The challenges come when you want to grow more and maintain your facial hair. Growing your facial hair has more to do with style and appearance and less with keeping your face warm. Now, what about individuals who have no idea how to grow facial hair? There are several ways you can use to encourage beard growth. Despite the many tricks you use to grow facial hair, you should understand that it comes down to genetics. For more information about how you can encourage and maintain your facial hair, follow that link.

Straightforward tips that can pay off

If you are having challenges growing your facial hair, chances are you are not taking care of them properly or rather yourself. Like head hair, facial hair needs regular sleep and a healthy diet. Therefore, you should follow the below tips to reach your facial hair goals.

Get enough rest: The more you rest, the more you become healthy, increasing your facial hair growth.
Reduce stress: Based on Mayo Clinic, some hair loss are a result of stress. Therefore, you should reduce stress at all times to encourage beard growth.
Have a healthy diet: You will benefit from all the nutrients your body needs for proper hair growth if you eat a healthy diet.
Skincare routines: Knowing your skin conditions and type is important to get the right skincare routine. You can use several skincare products, like beard soaps, to improve your skin health. Healthy skin translates to more facial hair.

Trying different facial hair growth supplements

The market is full of supplements that can encourage facial hair growth. These supplements add certain body nutrients that promote more effective and faster beard growth. You can try different supplements to your daily routine to see the result. However, you should consult your doctor or a specialist before trying a certain facial hair supplement to avoid skin disease.

You can encourage thicker facial hair by using folic acid. Folic acid is important for the repair and growth of hair. You can get this vital supplement in any food store or drug store. Another alternative is to increase folic acid in your food. Folic acid is present in:
• Peas
• Nuts
• Cereals
• Leafy green vegetable
• Whole-grain bread

Ensure you have the recommended amount of biotin. Biotin is important during glucose and fatty acid formation essential for hair growth. Biotin can be found in:
• Cauliflower
• Bananas
• Beans
• Soy flour
• Liver
• Oyster
• Egg yolk

Medical treatment can do wonders

Talk to your doctor or specialist about testosterone therapy. This male hormone can be taken orally or injected. People with low testosterone levels have stunted facial hair growth. Therefore, going for testosterone therapy can help you grow and maintain your hair.

Low testosterone can have symptoms like decreased muscle mass and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is important to be keen on the prescription, especially based only on facial hair growth. It can take up to one year to see results after using testosterone.

In a nutshell, if there aren’t beard genetics, it is impossible to grow facial hair. However, if you offer a healthy environment for your facial hair growth, it can help you thicken existing hair and patchy spots. Skincare routine and general hygiene should be your first option to encourage facial hair growth. Use beard soaps every morning to maintain your facial hair.

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