How to perfectly achieve eyelash extensions?

eyelash extensions

If you aren't lucky to have naturally long lashes, eyelash extensions could certainly be your saviour. With them, you won't have to spend your morning time applying several coats of mascara to your eyelashes just to make them look longer but for a day. At, you can get perfect eyelash extension.

The best eyelash extensions products can last up to 2 months and will simply fall out just like the natural lashes do. So, how do you perfectly achieve eyelash extension?

Assess the state of your natural lashes

Before using the extension, however, you first need to evaluate your lashes. If they are naturally short and thin, a long and thick extension will not last long and may even damage the natural ones. On the other hand, if they are relatively long and healthy, then you can have an extension that will last longer. If you are having the first eyelash extension, start with half a set and see how it works out for you. You can then consider adding more if you want a better look.

Choose a design and type of eyelash extensions products that is perfect for you

The most common types of eyelash extensions in the market are silk, synthetic and mink. While synthetic extensions are the cheapest, mink is the most expensive. The extensions are also available in different lengths from 6mm to 17mm. They also feature different thicknesses, colours, and curls. As such, you must think about your desired look before settling on any of the options available. If you desire to have a more natural look, go for a medium-length extension with a brown-black colour. If you are purchasing eyelash extensions products for a unique look, however, you could explore the different thicknesses, lengths and colour options in the market.

Choose Extensions in different Lengths

If you have picked a basic thickness and length, now you can move to choose lashes that vary in length to achieve a perfect and more natural look. The shorter extension should be filled in the gaps along the lash line to maintain a completely natural look.

Have the extensions professionally applied

Setting eyelash extensions is a delicate process considering that the area around the eye is quite sensitive. As such, applying eyelash extensions on yourself can be a risky undertaking. The adhesive used, for instance, can damage your natural eyelashes if you don't apply it well. If you wish to apply the extensions yourself, however, we conduct an eyelash extensions class that will help you become a professional.

If you aren't comfortable doing it by yourself, it is advisable to get a qualified and certified professional to handle the process. Search for qualified technicians around your area and make sure they have applied eyelashes extension for some time and that they are licensed.

Unlike gluing a belt of fake eyelashes that will irritate your eyelid and damage your natural eyelashes, semi-permanent eyelash extensions applied by a professional technician on your natural lashes will not only last long but also bring out a more natural look on you. Since they don't come in a strip like the fake models, lash extensions can be customised to appear more natural. Moreover, they can last for a maximum of 8 weeks before they start falling naturally.

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