How to find a french gourmet grocery store?

french gourmet grocery store

If you live in Europe for any significant amount of time or don't think you can sustain your diet on baguettes and croissants alone, you can visit French stores nyc online from any place or move around a French gourmet grocery store. Visiting a French gourmet store or a wink store offers you an incredible selection of French gourmet foods such as butter, escargots, sophisticated cheese boards, confectionery, fruit purees, chocolate and many more.

However, these foods vary a lot in price and variety depending on the place you're coming from. Still, you can shop your fruits and vegetables at a wink boutique at an affordable price. If locating a French gourmet grocery store is difficult for you, then in this article, I have discussed tips on how you can find a French gourmet grocery store near you.

Most have a variety of produce and culturally related products

Typically you can find at least five different varieties offered in the store during the strawberry period. The different varieties include Gariguette, Mara des Bois, Ciflorette, and Charlotte. The same is also true in a wink boutique where lettuces, potatoes, radishes and many more are available. Most of the stores have little sign explaining the purpose of each variety and which helps a lot. There is not much in terms of the pre-cut veggies and fruits in the stores since the change has helped many families have less time to prepare their weeknight meals.

Another exciting department is the fish and meat department. If you are new in France, you will be surprised by the variety of meats and fresh seafood customarily displayed in the store. You may find various tiny birds, whole rabbits, "abats", and many more. Also, they don't sell refrigerated eggs or milk, so don't go looking for milk or eggs in the refrigerated section.

Aisle size

The biggest aisle in Franch grocery stores is allocated to dairy products. You will see a wide variety of creams, cheese, butter, yoghurts and various milk types that can be enjoyed as a snack or as part of a meal. Usually, it takes time to learn how the yoghurt aisle is organised, but choosing is effortless and efficient once you understand.

Different subcategories are separated, including yoghurt for kids, fruit yoghurts, unsweetened yoghurts, dessert yoghurts flavoured with chocolate or caramel, fat-free yoghurt, specially packaged yoghurts for when you are out and yoghurt with "medicinal" properties.

There are likely to be no shop assistants in the store

If you are walking around looking confused and lost, it will be rare if someone walks towards you with a smile and a nametag. Though you are very welcome to ask someone if you feel you are entirely lost. Knowing a few French expressions can be advantageous since you can meet anyone and communicate efficiently. But if you have no plan about where to start, you can visit french stores nyc online and still shop your foodstuffs from any place in a digital way.

Variety of tomatoes

When you are walking through the outdoor market, you will notice a variety of inspiring tomatoes in a fruit and vegetable section, some of which you may not have seen or heard of anywhere. Some are green, and some are red, and all have different shapes and sizes. Each of the tomato varieties is very exciting and distinct. You can buy each one of them or try them all since they are always sold loose. Likewise, in a wink store, you will be able to find each variety that you need.

Final thoughts

You can always find what you need in a French gourmet store since the shops are well stocked. You will also experience the many ways to enjoy shopping in this grocery. Alternatively, if you don't like strolling through the outdoor market to shop for grocery stuff, visit and shop all that you can find in the French grocery store.

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