Welcome To My Photo Page

Hi, my name is Fudgie.  I live with my Masters Jan & Bill Gates.  I live in Tucson, Arizona. My Masters treat me well.  I have it made.  I will be twelve years old this year and I am still full of life.  You can see by the picture that I am licking my lips.  I just got done having a treat.  Every time I go outside and perform my morning ritual, I receive a treat from my Masters.  I come back inside through my own pet door after I have completed the ritual.  I find one of my Masters' and start running around in circles.  This is their cue to give me a treat.  Boy, do I have them trained!  I can really turn on the charm when I need to.  I play with my Masters and they both seem to get a kick out of doing this.  I run and jump into their open arms.  I am only eight pounds and Master dad loves to hold me.  He keeps saying things like, "You sure are cute and cuddly".  I think I have Master dad wrapped pretty tight around my little paw.  Here I am sitting and looking up at my Master mom.  She seems not as easy to get wrapped like master dad.  I guess I will have to work harder on her.  She loves me and I know this.  I just had my bath and master mom has brushed me and dried me off.  I am waiting for another treat.  This time it will be a nice beefy tasting one.  I stay real still for master mom when I am in the bath tub when she shampoos me.  I enjoy having a bath.  I feel so good after the bath.  Master mom bathes me every three to four months or whenever she feels it is time for me to have one.  Master dad trims my little toe nails when they get long and I get a treat for being good while he does the "trimming of the nails" routine. Look, here I am again, doing what I do best.  Being cute and cuddly.  I am sitting in Master dad's lap and I spend a lot of time here.  Master dad watches television and here I sit. I have it really hard living here with these nice two people.  All I have to do is eat, sleep, play, and occasionally look cute. We used to live in a small, one bedroom apartment when I was little.  We lived on the second floor and it was difficult for me to always go outside to perform my ritualistic duties on a daily basis.  That little apartment got really small at times.  We finally moved 25 miles outside of the city and we now have plenty of room.  I love being out in the country.  There is lots of wild animals here.  Coyotes, birds, and sometimes those nasty snakes.  Boy, being cute and cuddly realy can get a guy tired in a hurry.  I think I will rest for now.  My Masters take many pictures of me.  Master mom just took this picture of me just as I was getting ready to fall into my "power nap" mode.  I really enjoy having my picture taken, but sometimes, enough is enough!  Master dad takes many power naps and I don't see him having his picture being taken.  I really have enjoyed you visiting my web page here in cypberspace. 

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