Top tips for those who are new to gardening

Have you just purchased the house and has no idea of the garden? No panic! we provide smart tips for those who are new to gardening and want to create your own dream garden. Becoming the garden can be a dream that finally is fulfilled. But once you are there with your new, empty surface might fingers suddenly does not feel so green anymore. How do you do, where do you start? No problem, everyone can grow! – The biggest threshold to start growing, the risk of failure. But with simple solutions more dare to take the step and then opens up endless possibilities, he says. What is most important to consider when one is with garden? – Is it a brand new garden, it is important to plan, to begin to create rooms and walls, for example, with hedges and fences. With a large bare surface may otherwise be difficult to imagine how the garden should be. – Flat out, be sure to get the lawn and hedges in place the first year, it takes a long time to establish. Then, think in peace and quiet during the journey. Hurry slowly!   If you want to start with cultivating a thing this year – which is your best tip? – Opt for something that comes up quickly and grow what you actually use. My tip is vegetables over the soil, like lettuce and leafy vegetables of different varieties – it is growing fast. It is a good gateway to start growing. Home-grown also has much more flavor and aroma than what you buy from the store. If you want to have a lawn in your garden, It is advised to get instant lawn for your garden.

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