Thirteen Things Dogs Don’t Understand

1...It's not a laugh to practice woofing as 3am. 2...It's wrong to back Graqndma into a coner and guard her. 3...He shounldn't jump on your bed when he's soaking wet. 4...The command"SHUT THE BLOODY HECK UP!" means just that. 5...The cat has every right to be in the sitting room. 6...Crapping on the carpet is not something desevring of a biscuit. 7...Barking at guests ten minutes after they've arrived is stupid. 8...No, we said SIT! 9...I know it's a nice leg, but don't ride it. 10..Getting up DOESN'T mean Walkies. 11..Just because I'm eating, doens't mean you can. 12..if you look at me with thos big soppy eyes, I'm NOT going to give and feed you. NOT. NOT. Oh, ok, just this once. 13..No it's my chocolate...It's really bad for you, but good for me.

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