“Ten ways to Kill your Post”

1. Don’t” go to meetings. Let someone explain what they think they heard. 2. Fine fault with the work of your elected and appointed officers. 3. Never accept chairmanship. It is easier to criticize than do things. 4. If asked your opinion on an important issue, tell them that you have nothing to say. After the meeting, tell everyone how things ought to be done. 5. Do nothing more than is necessary, but when others roll up their sleeves to help, talk about how the post is run by a clique. 6. If you do not like the rules, ignore them, and tell your friends to do the same. 7. Refuse to be a part of the post because you do not get your way. 8. Always keep your eyes open for something wrong. Never give anyone credit. 9. Agree with everything said at the meeting, and then disagree with it outside. 10. Take all the post will give you, but give nothing in return!

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