Robles Junction Community Council

Next meeting, May 11, 2004 7 PM, Robles Junction Community Center

Sharon Bronson, Board Of Supervisors Chair and District 3 Representative, and Chuck Huckelberry, Pima County Administrator, provided a half hour presentation on the Bond Questions we will vote on May 18, 2004. This was followed by a 45-minute lively question and answer session. Citizens were able to ask question and express concerns regarding the bonds and other topics, most notably support from the Sheriff’s office and roads.

There are 6 bonds on which citizen’s will be voting. These bonds authorize Pima County to borrow money to pay for the activities defined in the bonds. They are: 1) Sonoran Desert Open Space and Habitat Protection; Preventing Urban Encroachment of Davis-Monthan AFB, 2) Public Health and Community Facilities, 3) Public Safety and Justice Facilities, 4) Parks and Recreation Facilities, 5) River Parks and Flood Control Improvements, and 6) Sewer System Revenue Bonds. If you would like more information on the Bonds, you may call 740-8661 or visit the Website

Community Cleanup is underway. Several citizens have volunteered to support a cleanup in their areas. During the April/May timeframe, we will be planning the neighborhood cleanups. To find out about cleanup activities in your area, or to volunteer to support the cleanup, please call Cher Williams 822-5319 or email the RJCC at


The RJCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit citizen’s group that supports the Three Points/Robles Junction community. Two teams in our community need of your support.

Our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) has been donated 79 Ford Truck and a 25 ft trailer and needs funds to license, register, and insure them.

Our Neighborhood Newsletter operates on advertising and donations from you. To continue operations they need your financial support.

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