RJCC May 11, 2004 Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 7:01 pm. Bill Gates, RJCC Vice President, conducted the meeting. Bill Praust and Jane Pierce excused. 1. Minutes from the April 13, 2004 meeting were approved with 2 corrections:

■        Clarified that the roof repairs were on the CERT Trailer

■        Corrected Jan to Jane in the Neighborhood Cleanup Report.

2.  Treasurer's Report  The RJCC received final ruling by the State of Arizona that we have received a permanent status of a 501(c)(3). within 120 days. 3. Committee Reports

■        Neighborhood Cleanup  Bill Gates reported on the purpose of the cleanup grant from Pro Neighborhood. Cher Williams provided documents that outline the rules for the cleanup and the steps citizens should take to coordinate a cleanup in their neighborhood. See attached drafts. Also reported that the Ryan Field transfer station is open for 7 to 5:30 7 days a week for household trash. Citizens of PimaCounty can use the facility. Trash needs to be bagged or boxed. There is a pickup at the Three Points Market each Saturday from 7 to 10 or until the dumpster is full. To us this, citizens must obtain a sticker indicating they live in the Three Points area. This may be obtained for free at the Ryan Field transfer station.

■        CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)  Art Tincombe provided the report. The City of Chandler went to the #1 CERT and has a new truck and trailer provided them by the city Fire Department who also pays for their entire operation. The next training class for CERT is in July. The training is free. To enroll contact the Three Points Fire District. The Three Points CERT has 64 people trained with 58 of them active. The CERT has the title for the trailer. The cost of registration and licensing is $75 for a permanent plate. The CERT officially request the funds from the RJCC. The RJCC will provide an answer at the June meeting.

■        Grants Jan Gates questioned if we have located any grants for the community newsletter. Bill Praust was unavailable. No report or update.

4. Public Comment

■        Art Castro raised concern regarding the lack of road signs in our community. He offered to make signs if we could locate money to purchase materials. The RJCC requested that Art search for Grant money and see what is available.

■        Ron Asta, Asta Planning and Zoning, and Mike Hennessy, Burris, Hennessy & Co, presented plans for a development located on Ajo just west of Fennels Restaurant. The first development planned is a Dollar Store at one end of the area and a self-storage at the other end. Other areas would be developed over time and could include a grocery store, professional offices, retail stores, and a restaurant. After a presentation of the project, Ron and Mike answered questions from the citizens. If Pima County Zoning Commission approves the project, construction could begin as early as the end of the summer. One of the benefits of this project is that the complex will have 3 15,000-gallon storage tanks to store water to support fire protection and the complex will have a minimum of 2 hydrants., which when complete will have retail shops, a restaurant, a grocery, and professional offices.

5. Call for Adjournment Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 pm 6. Next meeting: Tuesday, June 8, 2004 at the Robles Junction Community Cent

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