RJCC June 8, 2004 Meeting Minutes

Executive Session called to order at 6:30 PM. Meet with Diana, Pro Neighborhood on Cleanup Grant Status. 2. Main Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm. Bill Praust, RJCC President conducted meeting with Bill Gates  RJCC Vice President, Jane Pierce  Treasurer, and Cher Williams  Secretary present. 3.  Minutes from the May 11, 2004 meeting were approved with 2 corrections:

■        Treasurer report corrected to show IRS instead of State of Arizona

■        Neighborhood Cleanup Report corrected us to use.

4. Treasurer's Report  Assets $636.04 in checking; earned interest of .65% as of May 31, 2004 statement 5. Committee Reports

■        CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Report  JP Kaster requested status on funds for the cost of registration and licensing. Read approval letter from RJCC. Provided information to attendees regarding CERT and its request. Letter approved by Board, signed and presented to JP.

■        Neighborhood Cleanup  First date for Neighborhood Cleanup set for July 17, 2004 pending approval by the county. Will be located at the Kestrel Caf on Sierrita Mountain Rd. NOTE: County did not approve date. Moved to July 31, 2004, same location

■        Grants Jan Gates questioned if we have located any grants for the community newsletter. Bill Praust is looking into. Citizen inquired on the current cost of operation: average 1350 copies in the summer at a cost of .08 cents per page. Newsletter is approximately 6-8 pages double-sided, citizen expressed interest in researching whether we can reduce our printing costs. Citizen questions the possibility of providing the Newsletter in Spanish. Due to financial constraints we are unable to provide at this time.

6. Neighborhood update

■        Diamond Bell is trying to get meeting regarding the Firebreak planned for Shaw Road and to get training for Firewise.

■        Downtown area has a new fire hydrant

■        Taylor Lane is working with Pro Neighborhood to get a community get together

■        Walden Road has a new fire hydrant.

7. Old Business  Invitation letter tabled until next meeting; CDBG meeting concern was an internal meeting for Tucson City and did not involve RJCC grant request. 8.  New Business  Ajo Development requested RJCC provide a letter to County in support of development, after some discussion agreed to provide. Cher Williams to draft letter for review and approval at next meeting. 9.    Call for Adjournment Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm 10. Next meeting: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 at the Robles Junction Community Center

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