RJCC July 13, 2004 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Bill Praust, RJCC President conducted meeting with Bill Gates  RJCC Vice President, and Cher Williams  Secretary present, Jane Pierce  Treasurer excused. 2.Minutes from the June 8, 2004 meeting were approved. 3. Treasurer's Report  One check for $15 issued to Newsletter for Cleanup ad, to be reimbursed by Pro Neighborhood Grant. 4. Committee Reports

■        CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Report  Provided by Bill Praust  meeting 10 am Saturday July 17.

■        Neighborhood Cleanup  Provided by Cher Williams first Neighborhood Cleanup set for July 31, 2004 7 am to 2 pm, flyers available at the Kestrel Caf. Citizen questions what was allowed, info on flyer  no household trash, tires, hazardous materials.

■        Grants Provided by Bill Praust. Pro Neighborhood grant is funding the Neighborhood Cleanup. Bill Praust, Jane Gates, and Jane Pierce met with Micheal A. Chihak, manager of the Citizen Newspaper on the possibility of grant money from the Gannett Corp. Looks good and the RJCC will be putting in a request for about $3,000. If receive the money will be used for continued operation and possible expansions such as publishing in Spanish, digitizing for email, addition of pictures, and updating the format. Also discussed the possibility of having the Citizen Newspaper available in the Three Points/Robles Junction area.

■        Citizens Corp Council  Provided by Cher Williams. Attended July 7, 2004 quarterly meeting. Still waiting for funding from the Federal Government, currently Pima County is providing funds. The Fiduciary agency for us is the Volunteer Center. Most of the audience did not know about the council  provided an overview of the org.

5. Neighborhood update

■        Diamond Bell is trying to get meeting regarding the Firebreak planned for Shaw Road (Fire Dept has not heard anything from the state) and to get training for Fire Wise training at the next meeting (Need to discuss with Chris Anthis.

■        Downtown area has a new fire hydrant

■        Citizen's questions what constituted a neighborhood, Bill Gates and Bill Praust provided overview of original 12 neighborhoods, current view is any area where neighbors group together to improve the area they live in.

6. Old Business

■        Organizational Partnership Invitation letter approved, initial letters to be sent to 3 organizations: United Health, Friends of Robles Ranch, and the 4-H.

■        Ajo Development Letter approved, citizen's expressed concerns regarding the

7. New Business

■        Dan Meinke (Friends of Robles Ranch) updated us on the status of the Little League and requested support for participation in the Board. Current management this year fell apart and we need to restart. Initial meeting tentative for September 8.

■        Assistant Chief John Williams (Three Points Fire District) requested time at the next meeting to present the Three Points Fire District Emergency Operations Plan. Approved and extended the meeting for 1.5 hours to accommodate.

8.  Call to Public

■        Bill Praust questions whether to send a letter to Bashas as a potential for the grocery store. Citizen's expressed concerns regarding the Ajo Development bringing in a Grocery that Ma/Pa stores could go under, did not like idea of a major chain coming in.

■        Concerns regarding the speed limit on Ajo and the lack of a turn lane at the Ryan Field Transfer station. Will put on August Meeting agenda.

■        Three Points Fire District advised that we had received a 5/B8/10 fire rating which is very good for our area. This means that if the property is within 5 miles of a Fire House and 4

9.   Call for Adjournment Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm 500 ft of a fire hydrant their fire rating is a 5 and then it goes up from there 10. Next meeting: Tuesday, August 13, 2004 7 pm at the Robles Junction Community Center.

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