RJCC December 14, 2004 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Bill Praust, RJCC President conducted meeting with Cher Williams  RJCC Secretary, Jane Pierce Treasurer present; and Bill Gates  RJCC Vice President present. 2.Previous Meeting Minutes approved one correction to the spelling of Buckalew. 3. Treasurer's Report Received a check from the Gannett Foundation for $3,285 for the Community Newsletter. The grant came at a good time as the Newsletter was down to $100 which was insufficient to publish the January Newsletter. Jane brought special attention to businesses that had advertised with them since inception. They are: Able Refrigerator, Adams Auto, Child Care Center, Range Market, Marta's Honey Do's, Vincent Masonry and the Three Points Restaurant. Jane checked on the status of the Citizen Newspaper coming to the area. Gannettsays it will be difficult due to the demographic of Three Points. A motion was drafted regarding the monies received. Motion: The RJCC accepts the Gannett Foundation Grant and designates it for the Newsletter. A separate line item will be entered for the Newsletter and will have line items under it for each contribution. The motion passed. 4.Committee Updates

■        CERT  no new news.

■        Citizen's Corp Council  Bill P. talked about CERT and the Citizen Corp Council people he met while deployed for FEMA; he heard about a new program that is being started that is similar to CERT but has a focus on the Fire Service. The program in just being developed by FEMA and is several months or more away from rollout. When more information is known, we will pass it on.

■        Neighborhood Cleanups Bill P will get Cher Williams information regarding who and when the cleanup will be in February for Diamond Bell. Jane P will work to see when and where to hold one in the Fuller Road area.

■        Grants Lesley Beach from Pro Neighborhood attended the meeting. Pro Neighborhood is going to cut a check for the remaining balance of the grant moneys and send it to Jane Pierce. There is a Neighborhood Reinvestment grant coming up in January. We had some discussion on what we might put a grant in for. Suggestions were Signage and lights for the Community Center and neighborhood lighting for streets. Time will be set aside in the January meeting to decide if we are to pursue and if so what we will put in for. Lesley offered to assist us in developing the proposal. Bill P mentions a good will grant that is due Feb 28th. He will get more information.

5.New Business

■        Some discussion regarding where side walk lighting for the Community Center was. Thought Sharon Bronson said we were to get when they were out in the spring. BillP will check into.

■        Elvia Cario from the Camino Lucido area offered to help in translations of Newsletter into Spanish.

■        Jane raised whether we wanted to get a bulk mailing permit. The cost is $200 and it would enable us to get reduced rates. Item tables until we decide if there is a need.

■        Taylor Lane Neighborhood is working to get a spaying and neutering clinic at the Community Center in March.

6.Call for Adjournment  Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm 7. Next meeting  Tuesday, January 11, 2004, 7pm at the Robles Junction Community Center.

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