Properties to rent in the UK: find the best offers online

Properties to rent in the UK

Finding the perfect property to rent or buy can be a challenge. That is why there are many websites showcasing house for sale or rent. Before you go searching for flats for sale or rent, you should have an idea of the type of place you intend to live in. You should make a list of your preferred transportation options, your security needs, and the areas you need to commute too regularly. Having a realistic budget is also very important. If necessary, you can also consider finding a roommate. Before you set your budget, you should look at the average rental prices in the country. Besides the rent, you should also consider the bills you have to pay.

The websites listed in this guide can help you find the best house to buy, but you should still ask around for more information on the recommendations provided. Here are some websites you can use to find the best offers online:

Find a Hood

Find a Hood is designed to help you decide where you want to rent an apartment. The site will ask you questions that make you describe your perfect hood, and they will then give you suggestions based on your responses. The questions may include crime rate or the quality of schools. Find a Hood uses data from official sources to shortlist places that can suit you. Usually, they will give you a list of 15 places around the UK. They also have many articles on their blog showing what it’s like to live in various places around the UK. You can go through this blog to check whether you will find a suitable place to buy a property.

Property Network

Property Network works just like Find a Hood. The only difference is that they will use information on your Facebook profile to give you suggestions on the best flats for sale in the UK. Users have to log into the site using their Facebook accounts so that the site’s algorithm can make a list of the best property for sale or rent. The algorithm may use information like your marital status, your educational background, or unique interests to come up with recommendations. Property Network can also display some information about your existing or potential neighbors. To make sure the site gives you the best houses to buy in the country, you should update your Facebook information to match your current status. It can also use your recent likes to determine your personal interests.

Find Properly

If you want to buy a house in London, you should visit this site. Their service is currently limited to London, and it is unknown when they intend to expand to the rest of the UK. In this site, you will have to first enter your price range and click on places you regularly visit. A map will be provided for this purpose, and the places you click on should be accessible by public transport or bike. Once you select the places you regularly visit, you will be able to select the maximum commute time. The site will then display a list of neighborhoods that fit your needs. From here, you can further filter your results based on factors like the crime rates and the type of property. You can also filter results based on the type of people that mostly live in the area. For example, if you want to rent a house in a place with many university students, you can filter the results to include this preference.

Property auction action

Property auction action is an ideal service for people who want to buy an apartment or house. The service lists houses that are on auction, and your only task will be to act quickly. The site lists property from all around the UK, but you can filter the results to show property in your preferred location. It is worth noting that their search function is not very well-developed. If you don’t want an entire collection of all the cheap houses for sale in the country, you can choose to visit the specific auction sites of the clients. The most popular of these are Allsops, Barnard Marcus, and Savills.


There are many online services that can help you find houses to rent in the UK. These include Find a Hood, For Sale, Property auction action, Allsops, Savills, Barnard Marcus, Find Property, and Property Network. Most of these sites will recommend neighborhoods based on your preferences. For example, they will ask about your security concerns, your marital status, and whether you have children. Others will simply get the information from social media sites. The auction sites work differently. Property auction action, for example, will just list available auctions in the UK without filtering them to fit your needs. You should thoroughly research the neighborhoods before you decide to purchase a property in the UK.

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