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I think about the times When my life was so simple. I never stopped To think about what happens next. I try to live my life The way it should be. But it's hard when the world Tries to change you into something your not. I can't be the way I am Without everyone judging me. HAIKU Dreams are beautiful You think of them in your sleep They put you to sleep. To walk though my life Is like soaring though fire Catching the hot flames. GRANDFATHER Though he died many years ago, I think about him so. I wouldn't be able to stop loving him, 'Cause he never stopped loving me. His earthly body may have gone, But his spirit's been here all along. SKY I reach my hands way up high, Hoping I could touch the sky, But not reaching even the middle, Because I am so very little. But that doesn't stop me, For it's my dream To touch the sky that I have seen. FRIENDSHIP ALPHABET A-ccepts you as you are B-elieves in you C-alls just to say "Wassup" D-oesn't give up on you E-nlightens your day F-orgives your mistakes G-ives unconditionally H-elps you out I-nvites you over J-ust wants to "hang" with you K-eeps you close at heart L-oves you for who you are M-akes a difference in your life N-ever gives up on you O-ffers support when you need it P-icks you up Q-uiets your fears R-aises your spirits S-ays nice things about you T-ells you the truth when you need to hear it U-nderstands you V-alues you W-alks beside you X-plains things to you when you're confused Y-ells at you when you don't listen AND Z-aps you back to reality. TO BE A FRIEND To be a friend is to care, To be there when they need you, To just listen to them, To let them express their feelings. To trust them, To be able to tell them how you feel good or bad. To know that if you make a mistake you didn't mean it And that you would forgive them. To love them like your sister, And to treat them with the respect and goodness they deserve. SHATTERED I feel no pain I have no feeling. I'm completely numb His look has changed. I know I'll never have him, No matter how hard I wish. His sight hurts, He ripped out my heart. Can I ever love again? I wish he was mine. I'm not good enough for him, Nothing matters anymore. Life, Death, Love, Hate, It's all black. All alone left to rot With no one to talk to - No one to love. How can I get rid of my pain? He was my life. Now he belongs to someone else, Not me. A FRIENDSHIP IS A TREASURE A friend is someone we turn to When our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone we treasure, Our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives With beauty, joy, and grace, And makes the world we live in A better and happier place. HIM I love him, But I do not know him. I see him, But he seems so far away. I care for him, Though I know he can make it on his own. I miss him, But he doesn't know. I'll never forget him, 'Cause he'll always be in my heart. FRIENDS Friends are forever, Deep inside your heart. Never let you down, They will never part. Friends are always there, Should never go away. They're a part of you, They will always stay. Friends share special moments, Good times with you. when you have bad times, They're there for you, too. Friends are forever, They're always there and true. Spend every single moment And second with you. WHAT IS TO BE EXPECTED A seed is planted to grow into a great tree With branches so long and leaves so green. If you have friends - the sun, water, and air - That help it get by day-after-day. It will live each day to the fullest, Hoping on one would cut it down. LET DOWN To wish for something so amazing And never get that wish, Can turn someone against the star It had wished upon. To believe in someone so true And to find out it is a fake, Can turn someone against the one They had believed in. To love someone so deeply And find out they don't love you too, Can turn someone against the one Who they wished to be. Nicki, our granddaughter, has informed us that HAIKU is a Japanese poem with 3 lines - the first line has five syllables, second has seven syllables, third has five syllables. Usually it has to do with nature but it doesn't always. We thank you.

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