Poems by Marie

Published on : 08 April 20222 min reading time


Happy is the home
Where love is true.
Happy is the home
Of rainbow hues.
Happy is the home
Where the Word of God is read.
Happy is the home
Where the sheep are led.
Happy is the home
Where prayers are heard.
Happy is the home
Of singing birds.




Amongst the willows walked
One who was lost,
Surrounded by mountains high
Stretching to the sky.
Waters cascading down a face
Steadfast in confusion,
Sweetly sings the mockingbird
That never was heard.
Trees gnarled and twisted
Reaching to grab,
Dreams and souls
Without a foothold.
Within sight a blossom
Gleaming in the light,
One without hope
Has no sight.




Sorrows hurt and lead astray
Those who would decide to go the other way.
What’s done is done, what’s gone is gone,
The healing process will seem so long.
We all stumble and fall
Walking down a darkened hall,
Picking ourselves up again
Continuing on in a lot of pain.
In the end, we will all see
That all we did was dirty our knees.
Time heals all wounds
Embracing and sealing like a tomb.
Love covers a multitude of wrongs,
Turning pain into a beautiful song.
One day we will understand,
Why we need to walk hand in hand.




A rose is a flower
That says I love you,
It brightens the day
And chases away the blues.




Happiness is a butterfly upon a summer breeze,
Carousing along with lazy ease.
Happiness is love being shared
And knowing that someone cares.
When you’re alone or in a crowd,
Thinking quietly or being loud,
Happiness comes upon you
And stays for a moment or two.
For each person there’s a thought
That happiness has wrought,
Which will always remind
Of those happy times.
Whether happiness is a time or place,
Or the remembrance of someone’s face.
Store it within your quivering heart
And may those memories never part.

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