Our Life Together

We are new to the world of Web Publishing. We will try to keep our site simple and easy. That is how we approach everything in our lives. If you want to know about the city we live in, then click on the city link below. We live just west of Tucson. One of the advantages living twenty-five miles outside of Tucson is the peace we both need. Our little community is growing and one day I expect that our first traffic signal will be going up. That will be an exciting day for Three Points. The original name for our community is Robles Junction. Jan and I are also on the Robles Junction Community Council (RJCC). We basically have twelve neighborhoods and have twenty-four representatives to the council. We are not a legal body, but a voice of our community to local and state govenments agencies. Kind of like Mayberry, but we have no local sheriff. We are working on having a local historical landmark restored. The orignal Robles Ranch. Read all about the history of this unique lankmark. The Desert Diamond Casino is owned and operated by the Tohono O’odham Nation. The Tohono O’odham Indian reservation covers almost three million acres in Southwestern Arizona and northern border of Mexico. The Nation consists of eleven separate districts. The Nation has one council that is made up of eleven members and a president. Each district has its own elected representative to the counsel. The president is voted into office much like the President of the United States. Like many Native Americans, the Tohono O’odham Nation adapted, for themselves, their own constitution to govern their own people. Many laws were adopted from the U. S. Constitution. I started here in Oct 1993. I am now working for the Tohono O'odham Police Department. I still work on computers but for the Nation. Click on the "Badge" or the Desert Diamond Logo and see some of my current and former co-workers. I will soon be putting up pictures of my new co-workers.

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