Original travel : how to arrange your holiday travel ?

Original travel

The modern lifestyle we lead has us busier than ever, with constant demands on our time, long work hours and countless errands to run meaning that we have higher stress levels than ever before. Heading off for some luxury travel can be the perfect way to escape the stress and relax, recharge and come back feeling refreshed and pampered. But planning, researching and booking your holiday can be time-consuming and frustrating, so we've made it easy for you with our top tips. If you've been thinking of booking a luxury holiday but don't know where to start, here's our guide on how to arrange your dream travel:

Let a luxury travel agency handle all the details for you

Our top tip is to get a travel agency with experience organising custom travel experiences to handle all the tedious planning, researching and arranging for you. This will save you time as you won't have to book your flights, accommodation, trips, airport transfers etc. A good travel agency will also be able to recommend the best experiences, restaurants and trips in the local area to really make your holiday one to remember. Check out ktravel.ch, an experienced luxury travel agency who organise custom travel to exciting destinations around the world. Whether you want to see the stunning Northern lights, chill out on a private beach or treat your whole family to a tailor-made travel experience there's something for you.

Make sure all your paperwork is sorted in advance

When you're heading off on a luxury holiday, the last thing you want is to realise that your passport has expired the week before you go away. Double check your passports, check to see if you'll need any visas or vaccinations and book your travel insurance as soon as your holiday booking is confirmed. You can ask your travel agent to advise you on any of these details and walk you through the process for applying for visas if necessary. This way you'll have all the boring admin done in advance and with nothing to worry about, you'll be able to look forward to your holiday in peace.

Treat yourself by upgrading from Economy Class

tailor-made travel experience will be completed by upgrading to Business or First Class for a truly enjoyable and comfortable flight. You'll have more space to stretch out, superior entertainment options and free drinks and snacks throughout. Instead of arriving tired, jet-lagged and hassled from the travel, you'll arrive feeling refreshed and pampered and ready to get the most out of your holiday!

Go holiday shopping!

You don't want to arrive at your destination and then realise you've forgotten sun cream or not packed any beachwear. Spend some time writing up a list of what you'll need during your luxury break, and then plan in a day of shopping to get all the essentials so that when you arrive, you can kick back and relax. Make sure to add your holiday shopping into the budget too so you're not caught out. Although most things will be available, you don't want to waste your valuable holiday time chasing down items when you could be sunbathing by a pool or exploring the sights. So there you have our guide to arranging your holiday travel. Setting off on custom, original travel will create unforgettable experiences that you'll treasure for years to come and provide an escape from your busy home and work life. If you follow our top tips you'll be able to plan and organise your break with minimal stress, so that your holiday experience will be relaxing from the planning stages right through to arriving at your exotic destination.

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