Online Guide to Lithotherapy

Guide to Lithotherapy

Natural stones were used in ancient times as a source of healing power all over the world, and there has been a recent surge in interest about this energetic healing. The gems emanate positive energy which works directly onto a person’s health to calm the mind, induce relaxation and promote a sense of peace and balance which brings out the disposition of joy. It involves the use of stone massage and colours to restore a wounded mind or body and mineral deficiency which treats our physical, mental, and emotional stress.

How does Lithotherapy work?

Natural stone jewellery has minerals similar to our bodies’, and the properties can, therefore, act on our senses. The healing stones use up energy just like magnets to repel and attract.

When you place them over specific body parts, the stone properties vibrates and diffuses infinite doses of minerals into your body which transforms your energy, pulses, shifts and moves depending on the crystal signature. The effect of the stone varies depending on several factors, including size, the giant crystals have more significant vibrations bringing out better healing power. Receptivity of your body to the crystal depends on the level of minerals in your body. Some of the minerals that are incredibly sensitive to the crystals include potassium, magnesium, and iron. It also acts through colour emissions since the coloured vibration waves create an intense action on your senses and psychological functions. The litho therapy jewelery makes a frequency phenomenal around your skin which regulates nerves ingress reducing stress and inflammation problems. The stone virtues can absorb and remove negative energy from your body to clear your mind. They can also induce frequencies to drive power into your body, mind or soul to reenergize. At times, your energy levels can get misaligned, and the healing stones use the attraction and repelling properties to create a balance in various areas as of energetic disharmony.

Ways to use the Healing Crystals

Lithotherapy doesn’t restrain you from any form of healing provided that you use the right stone correctly. Since the crystals can repel, transmit or absorb energy, wearing natural stone jewellery can help balance your vigour throughout. If you need a direct application at a specific part, you can place the natural stone on the sport of your pain to excellently access the healing power. You can also hold a crystal during a meditation process to receive unique insights. Some people prefer to use the healing grid where you lay out some stones in a predetermined pattern designed to transfer or modify energy in a compelling way. You can also sleep near the crystals to let them work on your subconscious mind to eliminate any fear, doubt or worry hurdles so that you get a better feel in the morning. At times, you can move the litho therapy crystal around your body, clearing negative energy from your head to toe for overall body healing. Other people use them to protect their intention by placing them in the house or car. They act to protect negative energies that can result to accidents, or set vigour for a particular room, for instance, the romantic spirit in the bedroom, healing power in the tub or even to protect break-ins.

Healing Stones used in Lithotherapy

The clear quartz is a powerful crystal, vital for healing by absorbing frequencies and magnifying magical intentions to increase positive vibrations. Citrine stone virtues, when infused with sunlight, become a powerful tool that transforms your dreams, giving you the energy to get creative, prosperous, and optimistic about the future. Rose quartz comes in as a symbol of harmony and love to help you embrace love and intimacy in open hearts as well as eliminates any relationship troubles. Amethyst is best known for making jewellery, but you use it to get psychic powers by clearing negative energies with its spiritual properties. Black tourmaline is a powerful mineral crystal that emits positive vibrations and absorbs negative energy. You can also use fluorite to get rid of negative energy, aid in meditation and find spiritual tranquillity. Jade has a calming energy effect, perfect for self-acceptance and to increase your inner creativity. Wearing turquoise gives you the ability to interpret dreams, strengthen friendship and ward off evil, giving you the confidence you need in public. If you are struggling to let go of bad habits, use an obsidian stone to facilitate serenity, clarity and change for a better future.

Benefits of Lithotherapy

Your body is naturally made of different forms of energy; thus, you must maintain it to be in good health. Through lithotherapy, you realize your inner strength to unleash your spiritual and physical virtues. Ones you’ve undergone the therapy, your being as a whole is revitalized and energized. It aids in eliminating emotional blockages, negative energies and tensions that led to fewer amounts of energy in your body. Emotional wounds are easily repaired to help you overcome a difficult moment and even soothe heartaches. The natural stones also enable you to overcome instances of nightmares. The correct use of these crystals can also combat evil spirits and spells that accumulate in the body to cause diseases or drain energy. They lead to inner strength, self-knowledge, and awaken your spiritual and physical virtues.

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