My Christmas

Well, here I am at Christmas time.  I like the climate this time of year.  living in the southwest is great.  We don't get any of that white fluffy stuff that I keep hearing about on the news.  My masters gives me my own Christmas stocking to open.  I guess that I was good during the year.  Then again I get one each year.  It is part of the charm thing I do.  This stocking looks pretty interesting.  Look at the colors.  I wonder what is inside.  This calls for some keen observation and the skill of a fine surgeon in order for me to open this without tearing it a part.  But I am so exciting at what is inside, I have to know!

Let me see now, I have one side open and all I have to do is to just pull back the top a little and I will be able to see what is inside.  I almost have it.  I have been working up a heap of energy doing this.  I know that master dad has that camera thing going so not only do I have to wrestle with this stocking, I have to maintain that "cute" image also.  Boy, is my life rough around here.  I have to open this carefully.  I don't need to make a mess right now.  Master dad and mom have already opened their presents.  One thing about them, no one took any pictures!  What gives around here?  I need to join a union or something.

It looks good.  It fits in my mouth.  Not much on taste, but I can have caring this around the house in my mouth.  I wonder is I can get master dad to play with me.  Well, on to the next surprise.  I will just lay this aside for now and will get back to it later.  I have to find out what else is inside this stocking. once I heard someone say an ice cream cone.  Whatever that might be.  I like the pastel colors and the small size.

Here is something that looks interesting.  It is elongated, yellow with red stripes, but it is hard for me to get a good bite onto this.  maybe if i hold it between my front paws, I can get a better bite on the situation.  Where is McGruff when you need him.  I am sure he could get a bite out of this.  I keep hearing master dad saying something like a football thing.  I have no idea what that is, but master mom said "Not on Christmas Sunday are you going to watch any.  "You be a good 'boy' and take some more pictures." I thought master dad's name was "Bill."

Here is something that I can really get my teeth into.  I keep wanting to know what master mom keeps saying to master dad all the time.  "See, even Fudgie knows when to brush his teeth.  You might learn something from him if you watch him long enough."  I guess master dad is working hard at keeping the camera going and trying to please master mom.  But I still hear from master dad, "Just get this this over and maybe I will have time to watch the end of the second half".  Second half of what and watch when?  I like this toy.  It is small enough for me to carry around.  I really have a good life.  Each year we go through this same routine.  I really think my Masters get a thrill out of watching me open my Christmas stocking.

Boy, do I need this.  Got done opening all of my Christmas stocking, worked up a sweat, and just taking a "power nap" and what does master mom do?  Yep, that camera thing again.  Even master dad is catching up with his "power nap".  I guess the second half of whatever must be over.  I think master dad missed it.  We Gates' have a very rough life.  All we need are these little "power naps"  just to boost up our energy.  Well, this is another end to a great Christmas.  I got many new play toys and as soon as master dad wakes up, maybe he and I can go outside to play with my new toys.

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