London car rental solutions

peer to peer car rental

Peer to peer car rental companies like have been established to enable users find vehicles within reach using their mobile devices. Traditional London car hire services involved approaching agencies and brokers to make reservations for a car. This model has evolved over the years, thanks to the rapid technological changes. Now, users only need to download an app, register with the car hire site to find the closest parked vehicle they can hire. The premise of this model is to bridge the gap between car owners and clients. Here are additional car rental solutions that users can explore.

Peer to Peer Car Rental UK

It is also referred to as person-to-person car sharing and resembles the business model related to traditional car clubs. However, peer to peer car rental involve car clubs that are substituted by a virtual fleet that comprises vehicles from participating owners. The car owners charge a fee to rent out their cars when not in use. Users, on the other hand, access the vehicles using apps and pay for the duration that they use them.

Companies like drivy UK have set up such platforms and screen the car owners and renters before allowing them to access the website and app. They receive 25%-40% of the income generated to cover the operating expenses, insurance and roadside assistance. Peer to peer car rental in London presents a range of advantages to users. First, it provides a convenient means of transportation, especially for people visiting London for the first time. Secondly, the large fleet of vehicles available ensures that you are not late or need to reschedule a visit to another day.

London Car Hire

It is the most common form of car rental service in London for users looking to hire a vehicle a short duration, e.g., a day’s trip to London’s famous places. Car hire offers a great deal of flexibility for the user’s transportation needs. A daily fee applies with no hidden costs or a compulsory fee. Another benefit of enlisting the services of a London car hire company is the ability to choose from a range of vehicles. Whether you are looking for a saloon, hatchback or hybrid, you can quickly select from the company’s fleet. Also, the customer is not liable for maintenance costs as in private car hire in London services. If something needs to be fixed, you only need to contact the car hire company to have the vehicle checked. Advanced car hire companies also offer recovery services to its customers.

Private Car Hire

This form of car rental service provides an elite form of transportation. Unlike peer to peer car rental where car owners allow strangers to use their vehicles, private car hire involves hiring cars for a specific period sometimes, with a driver. The obvious benefit is the freedom to drive the vehicle on your terms. If visiting London for the first time, you don’t need to understand the public transport system. Modern cars come with navigation apps, so you are sure you are on the right track. Also, hiring a car is more cost-effective than bringing your vehicle. Foreigners bringing their vehicles have to go through rigorous and sometimes time-consuming inspections. The only downside to this form of car hire model has to do with the risk of crashing the vehicle. While most private car hire companies have their cars insured, the company may require the user to take care of some expenses out-of-pocket. This is especially the case when the vehicle is damaged severely.

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