Iran: Women and girls treated as second class citizens


Girls and women in Iran are still facing second class discrimination instead of appreciating them. Even after the struggles women went through in conquering all chambers that were used in torturing, actively taking part in protests and revolution that led drop of religious dictatorship. In addition, women in Iran are hailed for making sacrifices and still doing the usual responsibilities without a fail and as a result, these actions give lessons to the young girls as they bring hope to a bright future. However, the Iranian society doesn’t want to consider some of the women rights in Iran as this gender continue to face challenges every day.

Some of the challenges they face

According to an expert working for the united nations specifically on the human rights sector, he states that violence and early marriage are increasing at a high rate with the age bracket involving girls at the age of 10-14 years. Among the most alarming issues in Iranian society is the rise in most girls becoming wives at a younger age and worse being married to an older man twice or her age. As per the law, a young girl of about 13 years is eligible for marriage while those younger than that can still be married legally but with parents’ agreement.
According to statistics, over twenty thousand girls ranging from the age of 10-14 have been subjected to early marriage within the first half of the Iranian current calendar.

It is clear that early marriage is dangerous and harmful to the growth and development of a girl child. The government should be pressured in order to amend the laws especially in changing the age limit for marriage with the current one being unacceptable. Not only do early marriages affect women in this state, cases like unemployment, lack of education, and the right to live a life free from violence. A high increase of drug addicts is reported every year with females at the age of 20-35 years are being faced with drug charges covering half of the population in jail. Furthermore, approximately three thousand women are on the streets with many of them are faced with poverty forcing them to engage in prostitution. All leaders are urged to combine powers and change the situations making sure that women rights in Iran are respected and more policies and solutions to help reduce problems affecting females as it results in an awful situation for the women in the country.


Current protection that exists in fighting women rights in Iran is just not enough to fully safeguard them. Even though some progress has been introduced like free education and the right to citenzship, gender discrimination is still on the rise with all women treated as second-class residents. A lot of these issues have been talked to in the parliament but with no actions including the anti-violence bill. It is with serious concerns that positive measures should be introduced to prevent domestic violence against women.

In conclusion

Women in Iran are faced with challenges every day, sadly the problems are accepted by the law. In most scenarios in their lives, women are faced with early marriage, unemployment, divorce, and a culture that does not favour them. These issues should be put to a stop in order to receive and make a successful future generation. These women are not allowed to make any decisions by themselves as they require permission or even face restrictions from their parents or husbands when wanting to do a project. This is absolutely wrong and unacceptable as it deprives all their power and dignity. Amendments should be done.

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