Hydrogen generators for the medical sector

Hydrogen generators for the medical sector

Nitrogen gas has many uses, which explains its predominance in a variety of industries ranging from mining to food packaging. Depending on how it is used, there may be a need to ensure that there is an uninterrupted flow of this gas, hence necessitating the need for an on-site nitrogen generator. While some industries prefer to use nitrogen cylinders, these can prove to be a hassle, and can easily lead to a halt in the production processes, making it necessary to have the generator on standby. The following is a look at the industrial nitrogen generator and what it does.

So What Does this Generator Do?

A nitrogen generator gets to produce onsite nitrogen gas in a broad array of facilities, including medical centers and pharma industries. You will even come across generators that can be used in remote locations like refugee camps and remote medical locations.

How Is Nitrogen Gas Made/ Produced?

There are basically two ways to produce nitrogen gas for use in the medical sector. The first method involves the use of a PSA gas generator. It is a method where the absorption process is applied to separate ordinary air from nitrogen gas. The second method involves the use of a membrane nitrogen generator. Here, the air in the atmosphere gets forced into hollow fibers that also serve as reverse filters. The water, CO2, and oxygen particles present in the air are quite small making it easier for them to permeate via the hollow fibers. Nonetheless, the nitrogen molecules are larger than the others, and as such, they are the only ones that will be left behind.

Benefits of Using an Industrial Nitrogen Generator for Onsite Nitrogen Generation

This gas is mainly used in pharmaceutical industries as well as in medical institutions to assist in reducing the amount of oxygen present in the atmosphere. In such cases, it is applied as a purge gas in situations where combustion can easily occur. The fact that nitrogen is an inert, dry, and cool gas capable of displacing oxygen is what makes it a favorite with many industries. It is a gas that has become popular in lab and medical situations due to its increased safety, ease of use, reliability, ease of storage, and convenience. Its benefits include:

Convenience and Safety

Switching and handling high pressurized gas cylinders presents numerous risks, e.g., injury to the person transporting or swapping the cylinders and the possibility of developing a leak. With a nitrogen-generator, you never have to worry about using or swapping it at dangerous pressure levels. The generators have an automatic shutdown mechanism in case of a leak and are very easy to operate.


This type of generators is known to produce high purity gas. It will supply you with the amount of nitrogen you require when you need to use it. The fact that they can create the gas from surrounding air means that they do not require a lot of maintenance.

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