How to Experience the Best Wineries in Burgundy?


When relaxing or after an excellent meal, wine is an alcoholic drink that most people take to wash all the food down. Where do you find the best wine? To find the best wine, you must go on wine tours to discover the best wine regions worldwide. One of the regions that this article will look at is Burgundy, and you can make a list of Burgundy wineries to visit on Burgundy wine tasting is a top-tier activity, and visiting wineries will give you a wonderful experience. You should visit the smaller wineries to give you a more wholesome experience when you visit Burgundy wine region

Domain Lejeune

In Pommard, a little village in Burgundy, Domain Lejeune is a family that dominates the wine industry. The unique experience is that the wine business has been passed down to women in the Lejeune family. Winemaking is a blend of art and science, something you will learn when visiting Burgundy wine region. Visiting the Lejeune family will give you an idea of the classification of wines in the region. The highest level of wine classification is the Premier cru classification. It is the highest among the grand cru classification, and you will learn that when you start wine tasting Burgundy tours.

Domaine Rocault

In the tiny village of Orches near the more famous village Saint-Romain, there is a seventeen-generation winery run by the Rocault family. The family has lived in the villages since the 1470s creating a rich history of growing wine in the region. The rocky cliffs overlooking the vineyards will give you a full view of the family’s reach in Orches. One of the most amazing experiences you will have in Orches is going down to the caves and having a wine tasting session. These caves are over 600 years old, and you will learn of the rich wine history the Rocault family has in the small village. There are a few wines you will taste on tour, some of which are dessert wines, but one that will stand out is the aligoté wine. The aligoté wine is similar to the sauvignon blanc, but you will only notice the similarity if you are a wine enthusiast. There are a couple of premier cru pinot noirs in the cellars, and you will learn that Orches is the only town that grows Gamay grapes in the region.

Domaine François Buffet

Domaine François Buffet is a family in Volnay, a small village in Burgundy. You can take a bike ride and visit the winery as you soak up the sceneries Burgundy has to offer. The Buffet family has been making wine for hundreds of years in Volnay, and you will find them in one of the biggest wine caves. The Buffet family is welcoming and will offer some premier cru wine for tasting. In the wine caves, you will see bottles over 100 years old, which could be quite expensive because wine enthusiasts prefer aged wine. The old wines are for special occasions; some are sold to high-profile business people in France. The family will illustrate some wine secrets passed down through generations, and you will experience a whole new dimension of wineries in Burgundy. If you want a list of these amazing places, you need to do a random search on tours Burgundy France, and you will get numerous destinations where you can go and discover the best wines in the world.

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