How are you supposed to wear a hoodie?

wear a hoodie

A humble hoodie may not be the most fashionable outfit in your closet, but it's certainly among the most practical and comfortable outfits. Therefore, the loose-fitting, warm garment is a modern fashion item everyone should have in their wardrobes. Hoodies can be worn around the house and as part of a casual weekend outfit if rightly matched with the appropriate pieces.

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Before heading out the door in your sweat pants and hooded jumper, it's best to read this guide first. It'll shed light on how to wear your hoodie appropriately for a snug but stylish look.

What is a Hoodie?

A hoodie is a type of jumper, sweatshirt, or jacket that comes with a hood. This style usually works as sportswear or casual wear, and people often pair them with sweat pants and myriads of other outfits. Hoodies are a protective type of outerwear that is both warm and comfortable. They also have fitted cuffs and waistbands to trap and retain heat.

Since hoodies are typically loose and mainly made from cotton, they are also unrestrictive and cozy. Furthermore, hoodies can protect wearers from rain and keep them warm during cold times. Most hoodies come with side pockets or a large pocket at the front. Wearers can use these pockets to carry their items or put their hands in to feel warm.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hoodie

To pick the right hoodie that suits your needs, you need to consider multiple factors. Here are the notable factors to influence your hoodies collection.

1. Color

Hoodies are dynamic, meaning you can layer them as pullovers or sweaters. To style it best, it's recommended to wear subtle shades with a particular outfit or turn the hoodie into a signature piece by going for punchy, bold logos and colors.

If you mainly prioritize versatility and longevity, you should steer neutral and understated. Nothing can beat the plan grey marl model when it comes to steering neutral and understated.

2. Material

It's recommended to invest in high-quality materials when selecting a hoodie. Considering what the current market offers, you're probably going to find 100% cotton – don't accept any less. In addition, it's hard to go wrong with a high-quality loopback hoodie.

Also, watch out for premium quality details in suede and silk. If you're looking for an exquisite level of luxury and have some cash to spare, then the best option to try out is hoodies made from cashmere materials.

3. Quality

It's important to assess where hoodies are manufactured. Here, you should scrutinize the quality of a hoodie's zips and drawstrings and, most importantly, whether it fits. Hoodies can be used as an everyday staple; hence it's a great idea to invest in top-notch hoodies.

Ways of Styling a Hoodie

Smart casual

In contemporary society, hoodies can be dressed up. You can opt for a well-fitted hoodie from luxe material worn beneath a soft shoulder, overcoat, or tailored jacket and over a polo or button-down shirt. You can then add tailored trousers and a Chelsea boot or minimal leather sneaker to anchor.


This is quite simple – just layer your hoodie as you would your sweatshirt. Select thick fabrics for a chunkier, warmer winter look, or you can pare things back with a casual white tee underneath a zip-through. Here, your choice of materials and fitting separates a rebellious teen from a contemporary style.


Comfort, typically at the core of any hoodie, forms the foundation for athleisure – performance and effortless style in mind. For a simple but stylish athleisure look, it's best to go for luxe bomber jackets over cotton or merino wool hoodies. You can finish off the look with fresh leather sneakers or smart-fitted joggers.


Humble hoodies have played a significant role in the evolution of streetwear. Here, clothing designers can play with the creative side of fit, color, and design to create amazing hoodie collections. Think of visible logos, relaxed cuts, bold hues, etc.


Hoodies, in their natural element, are perfect for use as sportswear. They are ideal for training and working out because the better you look when exercising, the better you'll feel exercising. In turn, you're more likely to show up at your gym facility, get out to the pitch, or hit the track.

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