Health care insurance for contract employees

Health care insurance

In the public service, contract employees have the same obligations as everyone and obviously benefit from most of their rights. Anyone searches online for a health insurance policy knows how daunting it is. He/She will be exposed to a never-ending range of options, each with its own specificities, deductibles, co-pays, premiums, networks etc.

The good thing is that in most countries around the world, the contract employee must not be discriminated against because of his/her political, philosophical or religious opinions. The contract agent must also not be discriminated against because of his/her origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, physical appearance, true or alleged affiliation to an ethnic group or race, health status or disability. That sets the record straight whether you need insurance in Mauritius or in France. But if you're interested in finding the right travel insurance policy in Mauritius, you can visit the comparative Mauritius insurance website :

All public employees, holders and contractors, must be affiliated to Social Security so they can receive health coverage. For each of the three public functions (state, territorial and hospitals), there are interlocutors and special procedures, especially to manage reimbursements...Social protection (sickness, retirement) of a contract employee depends on the general scheme for health insurance in his/her country. The special health insurance scheme for public and contract employees is managed by specific bodies. Their role is twofold: to pay part of the care expenses of the social insured persons and their families and to pay them a replacement income if they are forced to temporarily stop their activity because of a disease or a non- professional accident.

The contract employee is dependent on the general social security scheme and in the event of sickness; he/she can receive daily allowances for a non-professional illness. In addition, if he/she has certain seniority in his/her administration, he/she can benefit, for a certain period of time, from the maintenance of his/her full or half of his/her salary. Daily allowances are then deducted from the noted salary. Social security/Health insurance usually reimburses a part of the care expenses, on the basis of the convention rates which are fixed by the policy itself. In general, it takes care of 70% of the expenses and acts on the basis of these rates. A fixed contribution and a medical franchise will also be part of the employee’s responsibility.

Whether your employer is the public, a local authority or a hospital, depending on the health insurance you have chosen, you will have one or two interlocutors help you manage the reimbursement of your health care costs. It is useful to identify them well in order to know where to turn in case of health issues and to update them with your situation in case of a personal or a professional status change. The set of principles and management rules set out in different codes and charts all over the world constitutes the baseline to define, in a very transparent way, the framework within which the relations between the institution and the contractual employees operate.

Health insurance is a worry that can also prevent some people from making their dreams of being their own bosses come true. Can they really find a health insurance offer that meets their needs? One of the many solutions that may make your life easier is to think about your spouse's policy if of course you are able to benefit from health coverage under your working spouse's family policy. Your spouse will certainly be asked to pay additional fees, but tell him not to worry, most of the time, it will be nothing compared to what you'd pay for your own policy.

Before choosing any health insurance, a contract employee needs to compare its range of security and guarantees with that offered by other insurances available on the market and which obviously have a comparable cost.

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