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Jean Claude Navaro

Born in 1943 in France, Jean-Claude Novaro made a name for himself as a pioneer glassmaker of the twentieth century. His vases, bottles, and lamps made use of shapes inspired by Art Deco to come up with twirling, colourful forms. More information about his works can be found at
Novaro is credited with coming up with techniques that included adding and layering distinctive items into molten glass, e.g.,
• Luminescent powders that can glow in the dark
• Precious stones
• Metal oxides
He is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records in recognition of his ambition, which came about after making the largest hand-blown glasswork in the world.

Leading Works of Jean-Claude Novaro Available for Sale Online Today

Hand Blown Glass Sculpture Perfume Bottle - Glow in The Dark

The hand-blown glass sculpture by the acclaimed French artist is overflowing with sophistication and class. It’s created with care, love, and precision, which assists in drawing viewers to observe its extravagant appearance.
For those that admire the impressive craftsmanship of this artist, they will without a doubt enjoy checking out every aspect of this perfume bottle. The sculpture is available in two tones: Green and Blue.

Vintage Large Hand-Blown Art Glass Gold Foil Vase Signed

Dated 1990, this is a lovely, exceptionally large, and weighty art glass by Navaro. The vase measures around 8 1/2" high and 9" wide and weighs 11lbs. It features a dense, churned blue glass folded lip.
Its body comes with layers upon layers adorned with gold foil highlights. The bottom part is dated and signed by the artist.

3. Signed Colours of Spring Open Hand Made Art Glass Vase

The Colours of Spring Open Vase is yet another art glass vase from the globally renowned artist. It measures around six inches wide and is nine and a half inches tall.
Like many other artworks from this artist, it comes with his engraved signature at the bottom. It’s worth noting that the piece is particularly heavy and weighs around eight pounds.

Nice Signed Hand Blown Glass Jar Vase in Blue

This nice glass jar or vase by novaro is an original art piece by the French artist measuring approximately 9 inches tall.
It has a modern style and comes with a removable top. It’s available in a primarily blue colour with yellow, red, and green highlights.
The vase was made using the hand-blown technique and whose theme falls in the abstract category.
As the name suggests, it’s made using glass as the central material, and is an original art piece, not a reproduction, as can be proven by the presence of the artist’s signature.

Large Tall vase Gozo Malta Pop Art Glass Black

This Gozo Malta weighty Pop Art Glass Black Large Jar features a handmade gold facet décor and comes with Pop Art Deco and black colour magnetic attraction.
The nine-inch-high vase is engraved at the bottom and has an accompanying tag.

6. HAND BLOWN Glass Sculpture Vase Perfume Bottle – Landscape

This perfume bottle is a clear illustration of the artist’s obsession with creating glass sculptures having a singular purpose.
A closer look at the bottle helps one to understand why the artist has become globally renowned for this type of artwork.
It demonstrates his desire for innovation and technical mastery, as well as his use of a solitary technique, which many maestros are unable to accomplish.
As seen in this vase, every action taken by its creator is not only intentional but also pre-planned. Every action is intended to assist him to achieve a certain objective.
Some of these actions are what have helped make him the fine artist he is today.

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