Find an international divorce lawyer in Paris

international divorce lawyer

After you have decided to file an international divorce, navigating through the legal nuisance of international family law can be challenging. You need to find an international lawyer who is competent and will act o your behalf in a professional manner. There are various ways you can find international legal assistance, depending on how your situation is and how amicable your divorce is.

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Ask others for a divorce attorney reference

You can talk to family members and friends who have undergone an international divorce and get to know their experiences with their lawyers. Most people won't shy away to tell you their stories and may also be willing to say issues to do with consultation fees and lawyer's hourly rate. When you meet such people ask specific questions such as:

• Does the referred lawyer promptly answer phone calls or emails?

• Is the lawyer's staffs easily accessible, friendly, and knowledgeable?

• How is the lawyer in court? Do they look comfortable communicating with the judge and other attorneys?

• Were the divorce terms spelt out?

• How was the case settled, and would you select the lawyer if you were in the same situation again?

Conduct international lawyers Paris search online

The digital world allows you to search for international lawyer services in Paris. Most lawyers have at least a social medial profile or a website. You can use a search engine such as Google to locate both local and international divorce lawyers operating within Paris.

Receive a referral from your local bar association

You can get referrals from local bar associations. They are a resource for international divorce lawyer referrals in Paris. You can find the type of divorce lawyer you require from the associations by enquiring. You may also get information on certifications from the bars' association for the experienced lawyers that meet specific requirements. To get the best international divorce lawyer in Paris, compile a list of potential lawyers. Don't settle for the first lawyer you find. Contact all lawyers in your plan, most will make appointments for free, then set up a consultation.

Consider the cost of your decision

You may be required to consider your budget and what the lawyer will charge to represent you. Depending on your divorce case, you can opt to go for a flat fee regardless of the number of hours the lawyer will spend in your case. As well, you can be charged on an hourly basis, especially if the divorce will be contentious.

Divorce can be emotionally fraught and complicated enough. Hiring an international family law attorney doesn't need to add to that burden. When you do the research well and consult prospective lawyers thoroughly, you will find a lawyer who best suits your needs in Paris. 

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