Fashion: On Instagram, the wave of stylish Italian women


From handbags to shoes, belts, shirts and many more, Italy is long known as the home of top designers and quality fashion products. One of the leading women's brand from Italy is Brunello Cucinelli. Since Cucinelli founded his brand in 1978, he has always preferred using the finest materials for quality women’s fashion products. You can follow top Italian Instagram influencers like Ciara Ferragni, Valentina Ferragni, Chiara Biasi and others to understand the value of Italian labels in women's fashion. A lot of online fashion shops, like, have also made it easier to access top fashion products from Italy. Check out their Brunello cucinelli sale for a wide collection of women shoes, sweaters, trousers, shirts, bags, skirts and many more. Below are some of the top pieces you need in your closet if you want to be like the stylish Italian women.

The white t-shirt

The top reason to have a white t-shirt in your closet is its ability to work with almost everything. Whether you love wearing jeans or fancy skirts, a white t-shirt will always be the perfect top cloth to pair with. A loose-fitting can be better for ladies as you can tuck it in your skirts and pants. It is advisable to buy cotton t-shirts from top brands if you want them to be your favourite for a long time. Most Italian labels, including Brunello Cucinelli produce ladies’ white cotton t-shirts readily available in the market.

Black trousers

If you love trousers, you may have noticed how challenging it can be when finding the perfect one for your body type. On the other hand, your trousers can fit perfectly as official or casual wear, depending on what you pair them with. You can get stylish with your trousers if you find classic black pants to supplement the common blue jeans. Thanks to their perfect fitting and quality fabrics, an elastic trouser from any of the top Italian designers will do.

A blazer

Having a blazer is always a valuable addition to your closet as they are always fashionable. While most people associate their blazers with office time and official ceremonies, it is also possible to have a blazer for your casual events if you look for one with some fun prints. However, you have to ensure that it perfectly fits your body and cut the feminine figure for some confidence boost. That’s why it is advisable to have your blazer made by a tailor instead of buying the ready-made blazers available in the market. Every woman who wants to look stylish should have a quality blazer to add sophistication to their outfits.

Some leather handbags

Italy is a leading manufacturer of quality leather handbags, and Italian women know how to style them with their outfits. An Italian woman will rarely leave their house without a leather handbag, even if they are just running errands in the neighbourhood. Quality and design should always be the first factors to consider when purchasing a handbag. Some of the Italian-made handbags can last decades if well taken care of. You don’t have to go for a designer handbag as there are numerous fairly-priced handbags from renowned Italian leather artisans in the market today.

A coat

You definitely need a stylish coat for the cold days and night-outs. A good example is a camel coat made of 100% wool. These coats can complement almost any colour and most dresses, skirts and trousers. If you buy a quality camel coat, it will be your favourite outerwear for years.


Italian women love sunglasses for a reason; they can help you stand out and also help you showcase some features. However, you have to ensure that the sunglasses you choose complement your face shape for a flawless look. You should also minimise other accessories and wear neutral shades to make them stand out. A good optician can help you choose the perfect sunglasses for your face.

A pair of classic loafers

Loafers should be a must-have item if you love wearing trousers. These shoes will always make your outfits look carefully selected and sophisticated and can be an alternative to sneakers and ballet flat since they are flat. They are also comfortable and easy to wear. You can start with a simple black pair of loafers before experimenting with other colours and designs. Once you have enough confidence to try something unique, you can get a pair made of fun fabrics like suede and velvet or unique prints that can spice up your basics.

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