Bahamas travel tips

Bahamas travel tips

The Bahamas... Doesn’t this name immediately remind you of paradisiacal images whether you’ve been there or not? The endless sandy beaches, the lush vegetation, the crystal clear water, the coral gardens and the unbelievable range of tropical fish, aren’t you just curious to explore all these heavenly beautiful sights yourself?

The Bahamas, more than Nassau

For some, the Bahamas can be summed up in Nassau, capital of the country and one of the most important cruise ports in the world! However, the Bahamas are a lot more than that ! Indeed, with over 700 islands and 2400 cays (small islands) stretching over a vast territory, the Bahamian Islands have a lot to offer. Locals will often say that there are two Bahamas, the main islands and the “out islands”. The Grand Bahama Island, on which the city of Freeport is located, is home to about 10% of the country's population. As for the island on which Nassau is based, New Providence, it has about 70% of the inhabitants of the country. Indeed, these two islands, considered as the main ones, possess the majority of tourist infrastructures and attract the greatest number of tourists throughout the year... But before you decide to travel to the bahamas you need some advices. You can find interesting travel tips about the Bahamas on, that can help you to better know this place.

What to do in the Bahamas…

During a trip to the Bahamas travellers can discover a lot of things. The main islands, such as New Providence (Nassau), benefit from a rich and interesting history and are understandably the ones where most of the several cultural excursions are proposed, allowing the tourists, among other equally notable things, to discover the British accent of the former queen’s colony. Also, the culture surrounding Nassau, primarily, is much focused on pirate stories. Then, just like any good holiday destination, the main islands of the Bahamas offer an interesting nightlife and several casinos. Of course, the main attractions of the country remain the beaches and water sports. The outer islands, or Family Islands, are much more relaxed and laid back. The activities are mainly focused on nature, whether on land off the beaten track or in the water. The night life is quieter or even non-existent on some islands…

Health and security in the Bahamas

The country's health network is well developed and generally handy as far as tourists are concerned. On most of the tourist islands, the main islands, and even on several of the outer islands, health care is easily accessible. However, for more distant destinations, those services can be less accessible; it’s good to keep that in mind! About security and crime rates these days, the Bahamas have both sides of the same coin! Indeed, on the main islands, the busiest of the bunch as noted before, the crime rate is relatively high. On the other hand, on the outer islands, the crime rate is among the lowest in the whole world!

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