A Christmas Poem

Published on : 08 April 20221 min reading time
Eyeing hydrants,
digging holes,
Drinking from
the toilet bowls…

Playing games
of “tug-o’-war,”
Putting scratch marks
on your door …

Rolling over,
playing dead,
Getting dog hair
on your bed …

Scaring folks
who bring the mail,
Chasing cars,
as well as tail …

Barking, begging,
heeling, howling,
And also, on occasion,
growling …

Romping through
a field of grass,
Sneezing, snoozing,
passing gas …

Sniffing everything
I see,
Peeing on
the Christmas tree …

Woofing, wagging,
chomping, chewing …

These are things
I sure love doing!

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