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The golden beaches, the colorful forests are a sight on their own, the localities where the heat of the inhabitants rivals that of the summer sun, and the cities stimulating the imagination are so many invitations to enjoy life .

Michigan is the territory of nature

and nature

You have the opportunity to look at the sublime shores, the deep forests and spectacular cliffs that surround it.


Another side of it consists in a metropolis famous for its mythical cars and its even more legendary music.

Synonymous with holidays

The State of the Great Lakes, whose vast borders extend north to Canada, is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in the country.

The legendary city of Detroit

Immerse yourself in one of America's most historic cities. Discover authentic neighborhoods and a varied culinary register.

Destination Michigan

Michigan, such a beautiful state

Discover quaint Dutch-inspired towns, paradise-calmer islands, and romantic lighthouses (the most photographed in Michigan being Big Red) overlooking the cobalt blue lakes.

Spend time in characteristic university towns like Ann Arbor and East Lansing, or explore wrecks, colonial forts, miles of snowmobile trails and other wonders of the Upper Peninsula.


Discover apple orchards and cherry groves on beautiful lands!

Charming lakeside towns beyond the dunes

Michigan has thousands of lakes!

Here, leisure activities are practiced all year long