Summer Tips against burglary

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Summer is a time when we like to go away, but also the period in which it occurs many burglaries. There are several great ways to reduce your risk. One way is to provide home security . We would like to give some hints on summer break that may be helpful to think about.

Summer house security

8 tips to reduce the risk of burglary in your home:

  • Get a smart home alarm system to reduce the chance that the thief selects your home.
  • Do not tell Facebook about your holiday plans, but rather write after you come home.
  • Ask a friend / neighbor to empty your mailbox when you are away.
  • Take a walk around the house and make sure that no theft-prone items such as a computer can be seen from outside.
  • Let the children’s toys remain in the garden when you leave home.
  • Leave dishes in the sink.
  • Cut the hedge and bushes so that the thief can work undisturbed.
  • Do not leave the ladder in the garden when it can be used to enter the second floor.


Summer Tips against burglary

Summer is a time when many homeowners take vacation, but not the thief. Entire streets may be empty when the weather is nice, people flock to the summer beaches. And some take flight away even further away, leaving their homes empty for several weeks. That’s when our summer tip against burglary will benefit. Read through them and if you want more tips read  Security tips by Australian Government. Ensure that your home alarm functions. Test the alarm to work before you leave. Some Alarms has a smart app where you as the user directly into the phone sees that the alarm system is working properly. But you have an older alarm you must try to trigger an alarm event and get a confirmation that it works. This is an outdated way and very complicated so you can always consider switching to a new smart home alarm.

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