How to prevent weeds


It is not only the invited guests that thrive in your garden. The unwelcome WEEDS have the ability to intrude. Here are some tips that politely but firmly declares war on what we do not want in our lawn or discounts.

Best way to get rid of weeds is to prevent, simply making it difficult for weeds to take hold. The rebate is a black GROUND CLOTH efficient, it lets water through. If you plant tightly with the plants and flowers you wish to have and put out MULCH in between, reducing the surface where weeds can spread. A REBATE EDGE going into the ground around the plantation shut out, for example, grass that is not desirable in rebate. It is also decorative.

dong on grass

Your lawn is best suited to the weeds if it is dense and thick. We will achieve this in part by FERTILIZING and WATERING , but mainly by CUTTING right. The mower should have a sharp knife to cut the grass nicely. Mow often, at least once a week, then you get a dense, weed-free mat.

Good and ergonomic aids

Once the weeds have taken root well and additionally tipped friends to come, you will resort to other means. Good tools make work more rewarding and effective. You will not need to pull back and hand in bad positions. Browse among the WEEDS IRON ,GUN , WEEDERS , THE IRON and many other things that are ergonomically good. In the fight against weeds must sometimes resort to environmentally friendly pesticides.Uninvited guests do not always understand kindness.

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